I love barbecue, but my relationship with gas grills has been one of love and hate. I had grown tired of their massive box-like appearance, cleaning difficulties and usability that leaves a lot to be desired.

For my Bachelor's thesis I decided to rewrite the recipe of building a gas grill. I wanted to consider what's essential in the product and fearlessly question industry conventions. Loimu is a fresh take on the summer kitchen core that still has certain familiarity to it.

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WithKotkan Konepaja Oy

Less, but better

Loimu purifies the definition of a gas grill. It does away with features most people will never use, whilst improving those that are essential to the core experience.

The minimal, all-stainless steel design has less visual mass, but does more with what it has. The generous all-around handlebar makes the device easy and safe to lift and move. The sleek, colourful base can house a 10 kg composite gas tank. The hood can open even against a wall thanks to a new hinge design. It's details like these that set Loimu apart.


Versatility built in

Conventional gas grills have fixed side tables. Loimu is unconventional, so it features detachable side trays. They are ideal for bringing freshly prepared delicacies to the table. Thanks to the modularity, a side tray can also instantly be replaced with something else, like a side cooker.

"It eats other grills for breakfast."

Cleans with ease

One of the biggest problems that was identified in other grills on the market was that they're generally difficult to clean, which will shorten their life.

Loimu changes this: in addition to a simplified construction, all mission-critical parts can be detached in seconds without any tools for easy cleaning – this includes the grilles, burners and fire tray. When some parts eventually reach end-of-life, replacing them is a breeze.