I'm very interested in the functionality of a product and always aspire to take my designs to a level where form and function can be tested.

There have been times when I've gone overboard with bells and whistles. This is why I think it's very important to be able question your own work to be able to crystallise the original idea. To avoid superficial additions simply because they're "cool".

Seeing simplicity as a strength rather than a weakness is one of the most important things I'm trying to learn as a designer. A sharp focus on core functionality can create experiences that are pure and easy to understand.

Right now I'm fascinated about open-source hardware and software platforms (like Raspberry Pi) and what kind of things they can enable in design projects.


Bang & Olufsen A/S

Internship + master's thesis project, 2017-2018

Design Foundation Finland

Internship, various design projects, 2015

Skanno Oy

Web and product design, 2014-2015

Finnish Defence Forces / Ruotuväki Newspaper

Graphic design and layout, 2012-2013

Mediaympyrä Oy

Video editing and motion graphics, 2011 and later

Notable Projects

LOUD / Aalto University with Bang & Olufsen

Technical prototyping assistant, photography, graphic design, 2016-2017

AziPod Controller Concept for ABB Marine Oy

Industrial, graphic and user interface design, 2015

Abloy Extend for Abloy Oy

Industrial design, 2014


Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Master of Arts in Collaborative and Industrial Design, 2018

Fun Facts

I'm interested in

Photography, food, music, audio, Lego, making & tinkering, Star Trek, cars, Apple, pinball

I like to spend time in

Nature, archipelago, workshop, countryside, home

Helsinki Tram Challenge Champion

Fastest to visit all tram stops in Helsinki, 2016–