Majority of Finnish people dream about living in a detached house. Not all of us want or need a place big as a palace, however.

Koto is a tiny, 20 sqm (per regulations) one-room detached house. With its innovative spatial solutions and construction this externally small home is bigger on the inside.

The house is completely assembled at the factory and can be transported with a truck, without special arrangements. Koto is highly customisable and also works for off-the-grid living.

1:10 scale model of Koto was exhibited at Dubai Design Week 2016 as a part of the Global Grad Show.

industrial design
WithSaga SantalaMiro Virta
Picture by Miro Virta

Smart use of space

Because Koto is so small, we wanted to utilise every square metre to its fullest. All household machinery, including ventilation/AC, hot water boiler and the fuseboard, are located under the raised floor, accessible via two hatches.

The loft takes advantage of the high ceiling, with a window perfectly positioned for stargazing and letting in natural light from above.

The same hatches also provide access to storage space, where it's convenient to store cleaning equipment, for example.

All water outlets are located close to each other and the boiler, minimising pipe lengths and the time it takes to get hot water from the tap.

Picture by Miro Virta

Walls that adapt

Need a power socket in that corner? Want a light over here? Everyone has different needs, so we designed a fully customisable panel system to the inner walls. A panel can be anything: a power socket, a lamp, an acoustic panel or even a shelf – you name it, they simply click into place. The idea is to let the homeowner choose exactly what to put and where – and also allow them to rearrange the walls if their needs change.