Abloy Extend

Abloy Oy challenged us to design new products around the visual language of their Forum and Polar series of door handles. My concept was inspired by Forum.

Extend is a product family with three members: a toilet paper roll holder, a hook and a kitchen paper towel roll holder. All of them feature the delicate curvature and bold corners of the Forum handle.

The toilet paper roll holder concept was acquired by the company.

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ForAbloy Oy

An unexpected beautiful experience

The toilet paper roll holder consists of two parts that attach to one another magnetically. Because using the holder doesn't require gravity, it can be installed in just about any position or orientation, without modifications.

The conical caps at the ends align and clamp the roll firmly and prevent it from spinning out of control – the result is a clean, floating look and a satisfying, precise feel when using it. Who said unrolling toilet paper shouldn't be a beautiful experience?